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We work to meet this ambitious goal by focusing on these key areas of conservation.

Carbon sequestration and trading

These are two interconnected components of climate change mitigation efforts aimed at reducing the levels of greenhouse gases (GHGs), particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), in the atmosphere.

Re- generative agriculture and farming

We support Climate-smart agriculture actions that transform agri-food systems towards green and climate resilient practices

Sustainable Infrastructural Development

Our aim is to introduce green infrastructure such as low carbon emitting means of transport such as electric and solar powered motor cycles, grinding machines etc.

Preservation of Bio- diversity

Our localities have a number of species that are endangered. SGB aims at the preservation of components of biological diversity within and outside their natural habitats. In doing this we will carry out the following activities

Integration of climate change adaptation in land use planning

We support land users in selecting the best combination of land uses to ultimately meet multiple needs for people, while safeguarding natural resources and ecosystem services.

Capacity Building

Our intention is to promote mechanisms for raising capacities for effective climate change related planning and management in counties suing the smallest unit of administrative organizations

Embrace Shine Green and Bright today! Together, we can make a significant impact on our environment and communities