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About us

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Shine Green and Bright

SGB is dedicated to implementing a locally-led climate action program with the primary goal of harnessing biodiversity, traditional knowledge, and nature-based climate solutions. Our mission is rooted in a commitment to combat climate change and its adverse impacts by working collaboratively with communities to develop sustainable solutions that benefit both people and the environment.

Our Activities:

SGB is actively engaged in a wide range of initiatives to address climate change and promote environmental sustainability. These initiatives include:

  1. Regenerative Agriculture and Farming

  2. Carbon Sequestration and Trading

  3. Water Management:

  4. Infrastructural Development

  5. Preservation of Biodiversity

  6. Integration of Climate Change Adaptation

  7. Capacity Building: SGB is committed to enhancing the capacity of communities

  8. Green Financing: Our financing strategy involves securing green finance from external sources such as international loans and grants.

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